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Dinba music 17th Album “Unbu” was released in Baiskoafu 12th.11.2020 , Chief Guest Mr X ray Athif. Dinba music extends their sincere gratitude to Migdhaadh { Baiskoafu} album artwork, & Musicians :Ibbe, Mifu, Nafil, Faya & Baiskoafu,  for their priceless contributions to this album.Unbu album consists of the following 8 songs: Special Thanks to Iqbal,Baiskoafu Team & Shiya & friends ( Album video song ).

Song Jaasoos : Music compose by ishaantay ,Drums,Brass,Percussion,Rhythm,Lead & Bass guitar by Ishaantay  & vocals by Muadh

Song Unbu  : Music compose  by ishaantay, Drums Ishaantay & Mifu, Rhythm,Lead,Bass guitar & Harmonica by ishaantay, Keys by ibbe, Vocals by Zara

Song 14 Vileyrey : Music compose  by ishaantay, Bodu Beru ( Sample loops ) Percussion & Guitar Ishaantay, Flute by Kana Kakimoto ( from japan ) & Vocals by Haisham

Song Badhaleh Nuviye : Music compose  by ishaantay, Drums Ishaantay, Rythm & Lead guitar By Ziya, Bass by ishaantay & Nafil, Keys by Nafil, Vocals by Rizu

Song Heybaiyehnuveytha : Music compose by ishaantay, Drums,Rhythm,Lead & Bass guitar & Harmonica by Ishaantay  & Vocals by Azube & ishaantay

Song So Lonely  : Music compose  by ishaantay & Drums,Keys,Rhythm,Lead,Bass guitar by Ishaantay Vocals by Aasha ( recorded in 2010 /  FL studio)

Song Kadaboh Kadaboh : Music compose  by ishaantay, Drums & guitar  by ishaantay , Key by Nafil  Vocals by Yaish & Noora

Song Chonchon ilholhi Story : Music compose by ishaantay ,Drums,Percussion,Rhythm,Lead,Bass guitar by Ishaantay, Brass ishaantay & Nafil, Keys Nafil vocals Ishaantay

All the music arrangement & songs lyrics by ishaantay & Songs were redcored in Dinba music home studio in G. Kasmeeruge & Baiskoafu studio.

Produce by ishaantay

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  • 03

    14 Vileyrey


  • 04

    Badhaleh nuviye


  • 05



  • 06

    So lonely


  • 07

    Kodaboh Kadaboh

    yaish & NIB

  • 08

    Chon chon ilholhi story