Dinba Music

About Us

Dinba Music can be defined as a new mood like the antonym of ‘Anba’ music. This music is especially for ‘gaavaa meehunnah’. Dinba music was created by Ishaantey, the grandson of the legendary Jeymu Dhonkamana. Music has always been a huge part of ishaantay’s life having performed in bands and on stage since the age of fourteen. He is also the founder of Ultra palm, Extacy, Psyco candy and Seachild band during the early 90’s. He writes songs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a great composer.Although he feels that part of him is missing without his childhood friend n buddy singer/songwriter Easa who has played in every band with ishaantay. Ishantay’s songs have been sung by various artists most notably Haisham, Affan, Zara, Thabi, Mifu, Aasha, Muaadhu,kalhey,Shappay, Maizan Ahko, Unoosha,Fahthu,Haifa,Dheema,Appi,Shiuz,Lalith,Esa,Shaani, Nileysha,Hasko, Thothi, Andhala,Bathool,Yamin,Nish,Shalabee & Shuaib.