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“Janavaarun “  Album was released in 2013 by former president of the Maldives Anni ( MDP ge muzaaharaa therein magumathin Shuiab,Maizan ishan, Rappey ). Dinba music thanks various artists: Adhuham,Faya, Rappey, Afaan, Haifa,Appi, Muadh, Mifu, Zyban, Zara, Lalith, Kairey, Isoam, Ibbe. Haisham, Thothi, and all the staff ’s in Ahmed Fahudh studio.

Dinba Music Thanks to Haisham & Rappey for contributing their songs.

Copyrights of the lyric “Kandu Guruva” Own by jeymu dhonkamana.

Copyrights of the song “Storm” Own by Rappey.
Copyrights of the song “Fulus Stop” Own by Haisham.

Cover art by Karo.

Song Janavaarun  : Music compose  by ishaantay, Rhythm Guitar by ishaantay, keys ibbe, Vocals Affan & Haifa, ( This song was made for the  awareness of animal protection in maldives , Its a Haifa ’s Project but late we decided to include in the album ) 

Song Kaaku tho: Music compose by ishaantay  , Drums, keys , Rhythm & lead & Bass by ishaantay vocals by Lalith

Song She ki kahani   : Music compose by ishaantay & faya, Drums , keys ,Bass ,Rhythm, lead Faya, Vocal by Thothi & Faya

Song Save the meedha : Music compose by Ishaantay & Ibbe, Drums  Ibbe & Ishaantay, keys & Rhythm ibbe, Bass ishaantay Vocal by Shappey & Haisham ( Song title By Ablho )

Song Pakka  : Music compose by ishaantay & faya, Drums,keys ,Bass ,Rhythm, lead Faya, Vocal by Affan & Faya

Song MNDF   : Music compose by ishaantay, Ibbe & Shiuz , Drums appi  ,Bass  Adhuham, Rhythm muadh, lead Appi , Keys ibbe Vocal by Shiuz , Appi & Haifa

Song Kuda seedhi   : Music compose by ishaantay  Drums , keys ,Bass ,Rhythm, lead Ishaantay  Vocal by Zara & Mifu

Song Dhunnmaari Rannamaari akah nugendheveyne   : Music compose by ishaantay  Drums , keys ,Bass ,Rhythm, lead Ishaantay  Vocal by Ishaantay , Zara  & Mifu

All the song Music arrangement & lyrics by ishaantay.

( She ki kahani & Pakka Music arrangement by Faya )

Produce by ishaantay & Faya


  • 01



  • 02


    Affaan & Haifa

  • 03

    Fulus Stop

    Haisham & Friends

  • 04

    sher ki kahani


  • 05

    save the meedhaa


  • 06



  • 07


    Shuz ,Appi & Haifa

  • 08

    kuda seedhi

    Zara & Mifu

  • 09

    kandu guruva

    Affaan & Zara

  • 10



  • 11

    D Rannamaari akah nugendheveyne

    Zara & Mifu