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Kula Yelo

Shiuz ’s first solo album “ Kula Yelo “  was released in Sultan Park 2009, Album recorded with variuos Artists , Adhuham, Ibbe, Muadhu, Thu, Faya, Rappey, Zyban, Zara, Kairey, Isoam, Nahu, Mannu, Addo, Appi, Mifu , Nihi and all the staff ’s in ahmed fahudh studio.And Thanks to sappey ( live performance ).Special thanks Fahudh , Mifu & Shiuz for organising the event,Sound & Lights by Island music ( Thanks to Hambe & Faidh ) Chief Guests were Mr. Hasandhi ( Musician /Quick sand & Shiuz Father ),First Lady Laila Ali, & Maizan Andhu.(Our first Event for Releasing an Album).

Dinba Music thanks to Shiuz for contributing his song Heeviey.
Copyrights of the song “Heeviey” Own by Shiuz.
Album Cover art by Vitte.

Song Azaabeh: Music compose  by ishaantay & Shiuz, Keys by Shiuz, vocals by Shiuz

Song Kula Yelo : Music compose by ishaantay, Faya, Shiuz, Ibbe,Thu , Drums isom , Ishaantay,Shiuz Ibbe & Adhuham, Guitars & Solo by Thu, Bass Adhuham, Keys, Ibbe  percussion & Brass by Ibbe, adhuham , ishaantay & Shiuz  vocals by Shiuz, Muadh & Thu.

Song Bob Marleyge Kaala manna : Music compose by ishaantay, isom, & Ibbe , Drums isom & mannu, Rhthym Guitar Muadh, Bass Adhuham, Guitar solo by Nahu, Keys by ibbe, percussion & Brass by Ibbe , ishaatay , Shiuz, Bodu Beru by kairey & friends  & Vocals by Shiuz, Zara & Muadh , ( A line in lyrics by baapu )

Song Rah fushu Vaahak : Music compose by ishaantay,ibbe, isom,Ahduham , Drums by ishaaantay,Bass by Addo & Shiuz , keys & solo by Ibbe ,Guitars & solo by ishaantay .vocal Shiuz & Muadh.( Its was an experimental song for fun, later we decided to include in the album Kula yelo and special thanks to fish ibbe for natural sound )

Song iloshifahchakun : Music compose by ishaantay, faya ,Shiuz , isom & Thu, Drums mannu, Keys by  ibbe , Bass by Adhuham, guitars &  solo by Thu ,percussion by ishaantay,Ibbe, Shiuz & Adhuham, Bodu Beru by kairey & friends Vocals by Shiuz, Muadh & Thu

Song 7 ajaibeh Music compose by ishaantay, ibbe, Adhuham & Shiuz , Drums mannu, Rhythm Guitar & Harp by Raapey, Guitar solo by Appi,Bass by Zeyban vocals Shiuz, Muadh & Appi

All the songs music arrangement & lyrics by ishaantay.

All songs recorded in Ahmed Fahudh Studio in 2009. 

Mix & Mastering by ikram

Produce by Ishaantay & Shiuz


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    Bob marleyge Kaalaa manna

  • 03

    7 Ajaibu

  • 04

    Kula yelo

  • 05

    Rahfushu vaahaka

  • 06

    Iloshi Fahchakun

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