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Koacheh Baa

Dinba Music 18th Album, Haisham’s 2nd Solo album “Koacheh Baa”  was released in Baiskoafu 17.09.2022 , Chief Guest Baiskoafu CEO Mr. Mirusaan ( Miru ) . Dinba music extends their sincere gratitude to Maizan Adam Manik for album artwork, & Musicians : Haisham, Nafil, Thabi, Thu,Tholib, Faya , Mussafir & Ehkaaf & Baiskoafu  for their priceless contributions to this album. The Album consists of the following 9 songs:

Song Koacheh Baa : Music compose by ishaantay ,Drums,Percussion,Rhythm,Lead & Bass guitar by Ishaantay Keys by Nafil & vocals by  Haisham, Back Vocals Thabi.

Song Hihkiyaathie  : Music compose  by ishaantay, Shaker & Melody guitar riff by Ishaantay, Rhythm & guitar Lead & fillings By Thu  Vocals by Haisham, Back vocals Thu.

Song Meykaraali : Music compose  by ishaantay, Drums & Percussion, Guitars & Electronic Sound FX by Ishaantay,Keys by Nafil  Vocals by Haisham  and back vocals by Tholib.

Song Ranfoshi : Music compose  by ishaantay, Drums Ishaantay,Haisham & Nafil, Rythm ,Lead, Bass guitar  by ishaantay ,Brass Ishaantay & Nafil, Keys by Nafil, Vocals by Haisham

Song Chaalaakiy : Music compose by ishaantay, Drums ishaantay & Nafil,Rhythm guitar ishaantay & nafil, Bass guitar by Ishaantay  & Vocals by Haisham

Song Fanvathun : Music compose  by ishaantay & Drums,Rhythm,Lead,Bass guitar by Ishaantay,Keys By Nafil Vocals by Haisham .

Song Mageymathi Naalhuvaathi : Music compose  by ishaantay, Drums,  guitar & Bass  by ishaantay , Vocals by Haisham.

Song Kamakah Kameh : Music compose  by ishaantay & Drums,Flute,Rhythm,Lead,Bass guitar,sound fx by Ishaantay,Keys By Nafil Vocals by Haisham

Song Orchid Eynage Maa : Music compose by ishaantay , Live Drums,Percussion Maizan Ishaanu,Rhythm & Lead by Shamoon, Slide guitar by Mussafir Bass guitar by Adhuham, vocals Haisham , Back Vocals by Affaan.

All the music arrangement & songs lyrics by ishaantay & Songs were redcored in Dinba music home studio in G. Kasmeeruge & Baiskoafu studio ( 2019 & 2022 ..delayed coz of covid ).Song Fanvathun Part of its Lyrics & Melody By Haisham.And Song Orchid Eynaage Maa was recorded  2007 in Fulhu Nashidh studio with the help of Maizan Andhu, Bedro , Nashidh  & Mohoj.After 15 years we decided to release the song in this album.It was dinba music first  Studio recording experience, with young Talented Musician’s  and fresh voices.

Produce by Ehkaaf  & ishaantay

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    Koacheh Baa

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    Mageymathi Naalhuvaathi

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    Kamakah kameh

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    Orchid Eynaage Maa