Dinba Music

Different Medicine

Dinba Music 2’nd Album Different Medicine  was released in 2007 with various artists.Haisham, Affan , Zara, Susan, Eddie,waka and Nahi.

Song Raalheh Hen : Music compose by ishaantay , Drums, Bass, Guitars & solo, Keys by ishaantay, vocals by Affan

Song Kiru Kakuni : Music compose by ishaantay, Drums, Bass, Guitars & solo, Keys by ishaantay, vocals by Ishaantay & Affan

Song Black Devil : Music compose by ishaantay. Drums, Bass, Guitars & solo, Keys & Vocal by ishaantay, ( Dhivehi Lyrics Translate to kenyan Language by Eddie )

Song Beehenee : Music compose by ishaantay ,Drums, Bass, Guitars & solo by ishaantay, vocal Haisham & Zara

Song Different Medicine : Music compose by ishaantey with ,Drums , Bass, guitars & solo & vocals by  ishaantay.

Song K-K-B-Aug 12 &13 : Music compose by ishaantey,Drums ,Bass,Harmonica, guitars &  solo’s by ishaantay vocals Zara & Susan.

Song Vandhoo: Music compose by ishaantey, Drums, Guitar solo & Keys by ishaantay,Rhythm guitar by Affan , Vocals zara & Affan ( This song was inspired in R.atoll Vandhu a trip by Shuja from rasmaadhu  early 2007)

All the songs music arrangement & lyrics by ishaantay.

All the songs recorded in Dinba music home studio in  G. Kasmeeruge 2007.

Cover art by Waka

Produce by ishaantay

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    Kiru kakuni

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    Black Devil

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    Different Medicine

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    Zara & Susan

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