Dinba Music

Different Taste

Dinba Music 1st AlbumDifferent Taste was released in 2006 with various artists. Haisham, Sarath, Dhyma,faidh,uhchu,shaffah and Bedro.And a very Special thanks to Bedro for making it possible to do with the technology.Its a Dinba music Experimental Album & learning process.


Song Different Taste : Music compose by ishaantay ,Drums ,Bass, Guitar solo & keys by ishaantay & vocals ishaantay 

Song Ekamaku illusion : Music compose by ishaantay with FL studio Loops, vocals haisham & dhyma

Song Korehge kaireega : Music compose by ishaantay Drums ,Bass, Guitar solo & keys by ishaantay & vocals Haisham & ishaantay

Song Anyway Hama salhi : Music compose by ishaantey Drums,Rhythm, Bass, Guitar solo, keys & vocal ishaantay 

Song Dhe Faiykoalhi : Music compose by ishaantey,Drums by Bedro, Bass by Faidh, guitar rhythm & solo by Unchu ,vocal ishaantay.( This song bass & Guitars recorded in Fulhu Nasidh studio ( Alifusheege ) April 2006 with the help of Mohoj & bedro )

Song Maizan Loabi : Music compose by ishaantey,Drums Bedro, Bass Guitar ishaantay ,Rhythm & solo Shaffahu, vocal ishaantay. ( This song is dedicated to Andhu & Dhona )

Song Bloody life : Music compose by ishaantey, Drums,Rhythm, Bass, Guitar rhythm & solo, Keys  & vocal ishaantay

Instrumental – Nipple Like Apple : Music compose by ishaantay with FL studio Loops, guitar solo by ishaantay, Flute by Sarath (kasmeeruge )

All the songs music arrangement & lyrics by ishaantay.

All the songs recorded in Dinba music home studio in Sina Male’ 03 ( 03.6. 03 ) & G. Kasmeeruge 2005 & 2006.

Cover art by Nileysha

Produce by ishaantay & Bedro

  • 01

    different taste

  • 02

    ekamaku illusion

    Haisham & Dhyma

  • 03

    nipple like apple


  • 04

    anyway hama salhi

  • 05

    dhefaiy kolhi

  • 06

    maizan loabi

  • 07

    bloody life

  • 08

    Korehge kaireega